Our Theme for the 2014 SPIRITUAL GROWTH WORKSHOP was EQUIP: Live, Learn and Serve.  We focused on equipping God's people for life within a secular community, learning as individuals and churches how to reflect the love and hope of Christ in effective and practical ways, and growing God's kingdom by equipping christians for effective work in the mission of God.

In case you missed the announcement the Spiritual Growth Workshop has changed its name to THE EQUIP CONFERENCE. We wanted a name that would reflect the mission of this conference. More than anything our prayer is for EQUIP to be a conference that gives tools to God's people to accomplish his mission. We are excited about what God has in store for EQUIP in 2016 and how it will build up churches throughout the nation. The tentative dates for 2016 are June 30th - July 3rd


If we could communicate just one thing about this year's workshop it would be that we have renewed passion for equipping God's people to accomplish the mission of God.  

Our desire is not for this workshop to be a huddle of Christians who listen to keynotes, attend classes, and fellowship with their friends and leave unchanged.  Our passion is to be equipped and to equip individuals, couples, families, and teens with real life practical tools that will strengthen our homes, congregations, and communities.  More than ever we believe the Spiritual Growth Workshop has a vital role to play encouraging, inspiring, and convicting our churches toward relevant and practical Christianity within an increasingly godless culture.  We feel this is the mission of the Spiritual Growth Workshop. Paul told the Ephesians that God had placed leaders among them to equip them to serve in order to build up the body of Christ and bring it to maturity, (4:11-12).  This mission has absolutely focused our emphasis for the workshop this year, and our fervent prayer is that the fruit of the workshop will change the face of our congregations forever. Join us this year in uniting  God's church, equipping His workers, and dreaming together for the future of His mission.

We invite you to join us for this 4-day experience that will feature teachers and speakers who have been in the trenches helping God's people learn to minister and serve.

Our theme for 2014 was Equip: Live, Learn Serve.  Here is a brief video to describe what the 2014 workshop was about.

SGW: 2014 EQUIP from Imparting Faith on Vimeo.